Young Researcher Award

Five post doctoral students specialising in alternative research

Because toxicology has for so long been centred on animal testing, many scientists with concerns about the use of animals are deterred from becoming toxicologists.  Those who do enter the field can find that access to funding for working on non-animal tests can be a barrier.

We want to change this and encourage young scientists to develop a career in toxicology without harming animals by offering £10,000 bursaries to allow them to advance in this area.

There is more detail in the Background Paper for the 2013 Young Researcher Prize.

We are therefore seeking nominations of keen young scientists (up to 35 years at the time of application) with a desire to fund the next stage of a career focussed on an animal-test free future.

Applications may be made by individuals or their colleagues.


Nominations for the 2014 Awards are due to open in April 2014.

Prize Partner: Ethical Consumer Research Association

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