The 2012 Prize Winners are…

The 2012 Prize Winners announced last night were as follows:

Science Prize

Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Italy (£50,000)
For their work on toxicity pathways in heptatoxicology and developmental toxicology
Lobbying Prize

Humane Society International, USA (£40,000)
For their work on removing animal tests from the EU’s non-food pesticide regulations

Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), India (£5,000)
For their research and lobbying on animal testing in India 

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India (£5,000)
For their work with Indian regulators on a cosmetics testing ban

Training Prize

Institute for In Vitro Sciences, USA (£25,000)
For their vital work on training researchers in non-animal methods from Brazil to Japan

InterNICHE, (£25,000)
For their work in training in former Soviet states, South America and Africa

Public Awareness Prize

Japan Anti-Vivisection Association, Japan (£30,000)
For their successful campaign to persuade Shiseido to abandon animal testing

Decipher Films, Canada (£10,000)
For their feature film ‘Maximum Tolerated Dose’ on animal testing

VITA Animal Rights Centre, Russia (£10,000)
For their work on awareness raising with the Russian media

Young Researcher Prize

Elizabeth Woehrling, UK (£12,500)
For her work on the development of a new in vitro test for neurotoxicity

Felix Rivera-Mariani, USA (£12,500)
For work on expanding an existing non animal test into new areas

Chiara Scanarotti, Italy (£12,500)
For her work on skin sensitisation and chemical mixtures

Line Mathiesen, Denmark (£12,500)
For her work on studying the impact of toxics on placental tissue

Prize Partner: Ethical Consumer Research Association

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