the prizes


The £250,000 prize money will generally be awarded as separate prizes of £50,000 in each of the five different categories:

Science Prize – outstanding research contribution to 21st-Century Toxicology

Training Prize – outstanding contribution to training scientists or regulators in non-animal methods

Lobbying Prize – outstanding contribution to policy interventions to promote the use of non-animal toxicity tests or to remove animal tests from guidelines

Public Awareness Prize – outstanding contribution to raising public-awareness of ongoing animal testing

Young Researcher Awards – to five young post-doctoral researchers specialising in research to find non-animal alternatives in safety testing

BLACK BOX PRIZE - in any year, in the event of a major breakthrough in 21st Century Toxicology, we may award the whole £250,000 to the team or individual responsible.


Unawarded Prizes

The Prize is not inflexible and is only bound within its overarching aim of effectively driving change in this area.

If there are no potential winners in a category in a particular year, the un-awarded amount may be shared around the other categories or ‘rolled-over’ to another year, or applications may be invited for new projects that year.

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Prize Partner: Ethical Consumer Research Association

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