Training Prize Winners 2012


Two winners shared £50,000 of prize money for their training work in humane testing.


Institute for In Vitro Sciences, USA (£25,000)
For their vital work on training researchers in non-animal methods from Brazil to Japan

Dr Rodger Curren & Erin Hill from the Institute talk about their work..

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InterNICHE, (£25,000)
For their work in training in former Soviet states, South America and Africa



Also short-listed..


Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research, UK
For its Summer Studentship Scheme to give students practical lab experience


Portuguese Society for Humane Education
For their proposed conference on Alternatives in Portugal


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), USA
For their work on arranging and funding training on non-animal tests for Chinese officials


Norecopa, Norway
For their work on the NORINA database of non-animal testing products and teaching aids


The Alexandra Association, Monaco
For their work on the open source models for cell culture technologies


The International QSAR Foundation, USA
For their international database on chemicals and toxicity




Other Prize Winners


Lobbying Prize – 3 award winners

Public Awareness Prize – 3 award winners

Science Prize – 1 award winner 

Training Prize – 2 award winners

Young Researcher Prize – 4 award winners

Prize Partner: Ethical Consumer Research Association

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