Science Prize Winner 2012


The Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission Joint Research Centre, Italy was awarded £50,000 for its work on toxicity pathways in heptatoxicology and developmental toxicology.

Birgitte Landesmann & Milena Mennecozzi talk to us about their work..

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Also short-listed..

Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing, USA

For work on the Human Toxome project and other 21st Century toxicology research


Antidote Europe, France
For work on pesticide mixtures and human cell lines


Givaudan: Andreas Natsch and Roger Ernter UK
For development of the KeratinoSens skin sensitisation test


Anna Maria Bassi, Italy
For her team’s work on toxicity pathways using mammalian cell lines


Monica Suarez Korsnes, Norway
For her work on variability in cellular response within cell lines


B. Zimmer et al, University of Konstanz , Germany
For the international team involved in Human Neural Crest Cell toxicity pathway research


M. Lindstedt et al, University of Lund, Sweden
For their work on biomarker analysis for skin sensitivities


Naoaki Ishi et al, Tokai University, Japan
For their work on an alternative test for anti-ageing substances




Other Prize Winners


Lobbying Prize – 3 award winners

Public Awareness Prize – 3 award winners

Science Prize – 1 award winner 

Training Prize – 2 award winners

Young Researcher Prize – 4 award winners

Prize Partner: Ethical Consumer Research Association

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