Policy interventions promoting the use of alternatives

Scientific innovation needs to go hand-in-hand with policy change to ensure that end-users of new testing approaches – industry and regulators – are receptive and responsive to the new methods. Such change requires a multifaceted, global approach, including science-based lobbying at the national level or supra-national level to:

* Entrench non-animal testing methods in national, EU or OECD programmes of test guidelines
* Revise existing guidelines to reflect best practices, including the removal of animal tests, or
* Achieve a mandatory requirement for non-animal testing in legislation, regulatory policies, testing guidance, etc.

There is more detail in the Background Paper for the 2013 Lobbying Prize.

We therefore seek to reward the work of exceptional individuals, groups or organisations pushing for change in this area.

We are seeking nominations from organisations with a good knowledge of this area as well as from the public. Anyone can  nominate themselves, or nominate another individual, team or institution.


Nominations for the 2014 Awards are due to open in April 2014.

Prize Partner: Ethical Consumer Research Association

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