Training Prize

For individuals, teams or organisations involved in training others in non-animal methods.

There is a £50,000 prize fund shared between all the winners of the Training Prize.

Many established scientists may not have been trained in alternative methods or might not even be aware of them, while future scientists and students need to be provided with education in alternatives in order to be able to pursue further research in this area. Establishing training programmes and increasing capacity, whether as one-off workshops or ongoing programmes, can make a huge difference to this field.

This prize recognises the importance of dissemination of methods among commercial scientists, researchers and students. The criteria for training is broad, and includes training existing scientists in new techniques, open-source databases, and the education of school children.


Background Paper

Demand for training in non-animal alternatives has increased over the past twelve months and is only likely to increase further. While there are some new initiatives and collaborations, it is
equally clear that existing training providers and initiatives are struggling to keep up with demand.

To find out more download the 2013 Background Paper for Training.


Nominations and Entries

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Previous Winners


2013 PrizeXcellR8

XCellR8, UK (£25,000)
For providing training in ethically sound and scientifically advanced human cell culture research technologies.

Dr Anna Maria Bassi’s Research Team, LARF, Italy (£25,000)
For the development and delivery of training courses in animal-free cell culture research in accordance with EU regulation.


2012 Prize

Institute for In Vitro Sciences, USA (£25,000)
For their vital work on training researchers in non-animal methods from Brazil to Japan

InterNICHE, (£25,000)
For their work in training in former Soviet states, South America and Africa.