Public Awareness Prize

There is a £50,000 prize fund shared between all the winners of the Public Awareness Prize.

It is aimed at rewarding individuals or organisations raising public awareness of ongoing animal testing.

Despite years of campaigning, animal testing has yet to be consigned to the history books where it belongs.

However, partial legislative victories have led to the common misconception that animal testing, especially for cosmetics, no longer takes place.

It is vital therefore that the public is reminded that this cruel and unscientific practice does continue in many areas of the world. Support is essential for public awareness activities to ensure that this issue remains high on the political agenda. We are therefore seeking to reward excellence and innovation by organisations working in this field.


Background Paper

The variety of worldwide campaigns is huge: social media or internet-based campaigns; grassroots activism to multinational million dollar organisations; from wealthier countries with a long history of social justice movements to nations where the concept of animal rights is a recent phenomenon.

To find out more download the 2013 Background Paper for Public Awareness.


Nominations and Entries

Nominations for the 2014 Prize are now closed.


Previous Winners


2013 Prizejustin

PETA, Laboratory Investigations Department, USA (£25,000)
For their high-profile campaigns against organisations that test on animals and that provide support services for animal testing.

SAFE (Save Animals from Exploitation), New Zealand (£25,000)
For publicising the use of animal-testing in national drugs regulation and helping consumers to buy cruelty-free products. 


2012 Prize

Japan Anti-Vivisection Association, Japan (£30,000)
For their successful campaign to persuade Shiseido to abandon animal testing.

Decipher Films, Canada (£10,000)
For their feature film ‘Maximum Tolerated Dose’ on animal testing

VITA Animal Rights Centre, Russia (£10,000)
For their work on awareness raising with the Russian media